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Project Overview

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ODOT is constructing a project to preserve the roadway on Oregon Highway 99E (McLoughlin Boulevard) between Naef Road and the Clackamas River Bridge.

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The main objective of this project is to repair the failing sections of roadway to preserve OR 99E for years to come. Limited funding is also available to fill in sidewalk gaps and improve traffic signal efficiency. Due to the limited funding for sidewalks, we chose the locations that addressed pedestrian safety and were within ODOT’s budget for this project.

Project elements include

  • Rebuilding sections of OR 99E where the roadway is failing under the asphalt.

  • Repaving the roadway on OR 99E between Roethe Road and the Clackamas River Bridge.

  • Filling in sidewalk gaps along OR 99E at multiple locations including Boardman Creek.

  • Improving sub-standard ADA ramps in multiple locations.

  • Improving traffic flow with traffic signal upgrades.

  • Striping bike lanes.

Public Comments and Questions to Date

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