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ODOT is constructing a project to preserve the roadway on Oregon Highway 99E (McLoughlin Boulevard) between Naef Road and the Clackamas River Bridge.

This interactive tool includes a series of stations where you can learn more about the project. Click the arrows at the top and bottom of the page, or navigate using the list below. You will have the opportunity to post public comments at several of the stations. Thank you for participating.

Project Information


Project Overview

Project purpose and key elements.

Choosing Sidewalk Locations

Learn how and where ODOT decided to improve sidewalks within the project area; post your comments for others to read.

Construction Information

Learn about construction impacts and estimated construction timelines; post your comments for others to read.

Pedestrian Study

Learn how bicycle and pedestrian crash data helped inform project decisions; post your comments for others to read.

Contact us

Follow the project and send comments and questions to ODOT.

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